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Oct. 1st, 2009 09:06 am Fall and Writing

Dear LJ friends, I'm sorry its been such a long time. I've been real busy this summer with lots of trips and lots of company...I've also I have to admit been exploring other sites similar to this but I have to say that I always come back to LJ. Why? Its just nice. It's like and old friend. I've had this thing since I was 16 and I love to write and I love to read random things from my friends.
So what reminded me of LJ was this beautiful fall that we are having here. I realize a good portion of my friends on LJ dont really have a fall as they live in a beautiful area where the weather gets down to SHOCK 50degrees lol. So what is fall like? What is this fall I'm in love with, here's a brief list...imagine :-)

*Yellow and Orange leaves lacey in the sky
*Rustling thru the leaves walking up my beautiful historic tree lined street
*The light becomes warm and crisp at the same time. It's like the light in Gilmore Girls, always warm and yellow yet it emphasizes every color every line in a crisp way that late summer light could never do.
*The smell of wood burning in fire places returns.
*Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Pie Lattes at Starbucks
*The return of my corduroy pants, long sleeved shirts and layers.
*The Renaissance Faire which is a walk along the river and out of this time. A two hour pause.
*Fall always makes me want to listen to beautiful music and write, remember last fall I was writing a book for that challenge, NANOWRIMO? This year I am not doing that but I am editing the book I wrote last fall. Its set around a lighthouse and so I was listening to a lot of Ingrid Michaelson last year because it just fit, put me in that place. This year she came out with a new CD and I'm enjoying getting back to editing my book in the fall light with my fall food and my fall clothes and my fall music.
I realize that I post about how much I love fall every fall but I also realize that I don't think I've ever told you why so there is a short list of the reasons I can put into words.
This fall is extra special though since we are finally BUILDING our new Kingdom Hall. It is a double with a COs apartment. We are just about finished with boarding up the roof and by the end of Oct we might have something that we can move into! We will have a permanent home again. Since May we have been meeting in another town and meetings for service have been all over town in different homes. Its really been nice to at least have a Kingdom Hall. Its actually the Kingdom Hall I grew up in, but oddly I have felt a little displaced. As for the build itself, its been a blast so far. Like everything JH asks us to do it ends up like a big party! I sprained my ankle the week before it went into full swing and I was really bummed about that cause I'm stuck in a walking boot for 6 weeks...but I got a cool assignment! I get to go around and film everything as if I'm trying to learn how to do it. Film the steps and the safety precautions and I'll give it too a Bro who will edit it all into a safety video! So there you have it! Because I'm lame I got a cool job!

Alrighty this post has gone on long enough. That's just cause its fall and typing feels so right in the fall.
Take Care, I'll type again soon ;-)

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Feb. 13th, 2009 11:11 am SAD

Hey everyone! I just realized I've been a sad excuse for a LJer lately. I mean, what was that last post! I went on this great trip and I don't even feel like telling ya'll about it? Thats crazy!! But life has been real busy and I think my brain is shrinking...LOL! So I'm sick today and the last two days. I already watched all three mighty ducks and the newsies and right now I'm watching sandlot:) I'm very nostalgic lately. Those movies, well, dobalina watched them with me all those years ago and its so neat to watch those movies that you grew up with cause everyone in them, down to the extras are so familiar, like an old friend. Their very face or voice makes ya feel like your home...
Also my really good childhood enemy/friend/brother is moving back and I'm really excited about that even though he is going to drive me nuts! It just feels like I get a bit of my childhood back. It feels like someone that has always been there buggin me hasn't been and I finally get that wonderful little annoyance back! Hahaha...anyway I missed him a lot, like an arm that got cut off, and he's coming back! LOL!
Backtracking to my trip, I've been really nostalgic about the little bits and pieces of that too. You know how you do these really big things and ultimately its the little moments and little inside jokes that actually stick with you? There were so many little jokes and moments. I just felt like I fell right into the groove there with K and her friends:)
*I went to the beach and we tried to play cards but the wind blew them away and then we went to little taco place and I learned how to play rummy and beat everyone! Then we drove on a street called avocado and I said YUM! and got made fun of:P
*I got up for early almost every morning cause that way I would get starbucks and french bread with the crazy morning group.
*The first time I drove into the LS Kingdom Hall I drove in the exit and N said "Don't they have arrows where you come from?" and I got teased the rest of the trip about not understanding arrows, esp when Katie tried to explain half-rights to me in mathematical terms! LOL!
*I got sick and was hangin at home with Nessi, watching WallE eating an ORANGE OF LIFE-the kind that make you well when you have caught the plague...
*Went to Coronado Beach with Kayla and collected shells till we couldn't hold anymore and saw little shy crabs and it was really gorgeous and we went up to Point Loma Lighthouse cause I really wanted to see it since I wrote my story about a lighthouse and we went outside to watch the sunset on the wall and the ranger came by and said they normally kick ppl out at 5 but since the sunset at 5:06 we could stay till then and leave right away. AS the sun was only a thin line across the ocean the guy sitting just a little down the wall from us stood up and said "I can see more if I stand up on this wall! IT's still there!" and me and kayla half expecting it to be one of our crazy friends turned our heads in a snap to look at him and then started laughing together! LOL!
*We went to kareoke and one of the guys pretended to serenade me just to embarrass me and I ran away and got a gigantic bruise on my shin from running into a wood box on the floor.
*Everyone played hide and go seek in the dark as I played disturbia on the lap top...they were all super creeped.
*We sang songs like Blue Frog, and Frog along, and Froggie of the Opera, and We'll All Hop On, and drew little froggie faces on our green skittles to be our little froggie puppet trio.
*I never ever let Kieth drive my Jeep:P
*I let pretty much everyone else drive it. :P
and much much much more!!!

Well, I'll let ya'll go now! Hope everyone is doing good...I'll go read your posts now:)

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Current Music: Newsies soundtrack

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Feb. 1st, 2009 05:35 pm

So I have been back for almost two weeks now and boy did I have a blast on my trip out to Cali! I'm sorry I didn't get to see EVERYONE! I did meet lots of new ppl too and that was really awesome! Now have lots of really good friends out there and I can't wait to get back to see everyone again!
I would tell you all the highlights but it would take to long and it's hard to make as wonderful in type as it was in person:) I did love going to ASL out there and was so happy when Jez came to one of the ASL meetings with me! Ok...the rest you'll just have to get outta me in person next time I'm out there!

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Dec. 20th, 2008 10:50 pm The Great Road Trip

So tomorow I will be heading out, at about 7:30 AM. I will be going on my first road trip longer than two and a half hours away. I will be all alone with my seven hour road trip play list. I will sing and laugh and cry and think and all those things that people do on long life-changing/defining road trips...
I will be driving down to Phoenix tomorow and staying with my brother who just moved there and whom I haven't seen in five years and I will stay the night at their house and see my Niece and Nephew who have grown so much and probably don't even remember me. It should be fun. My brother is actually looking forward to having me and I'm actually looking forward to seeing him cause we have never been close, he was seventeen and moved out when I was born, so it will be nice to bond a little. :) (Excuse the cheese)
Then I will either stay a day with him or leave on Monday to take the rest of the road on till I arrive safely at my grandparents house where I will stay in their perfectly groomed ultra safe pleasantville of a park for the rest of the week.
Then I will make it up to stay with K, and hopefully see all of you!!! I will get to stay with her for approx two weeks:)

Well, I'm off to sleep.
Take Care all,

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Dec. 14th, 2008 05:56 pm :- (

So I regrettfully inform you all that I will not be moving there as planned. Even tho most things were in order I was still waiting on JH and praying and Friday got the info I needed that made the hard decision for me. It is not the time to leave here as much as I would like to-Jh must have plans for me to find joy here in the next few months. I'll be around for our double hall build and the society class so that will be nice.
The good news is: I WILL BE VISITING! Prob beginning of Jan I'll come and stay with K for a couple of weeks:) so I hope we can all get together-who knows! Maybe my time for a more extended stay will come down the road:)

Take Care Now

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Current Music: Actually in Deaf mode:)

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Dec. 8th, 2008 12:44 pm

Yello ppl! So I made it through November and Nanowrimo! Yes! I did write my 50k work novel and I'm looking forward to editing after the suggested separation time. It is based around a lighthouse and a girl who has a lot of responsibilities and could feel trapped but ends up fulfilling her dreams. Who knows-i might reread and wanta throw it away but I really enjoyed the experience.
Other than that-today I am cleaning out my closet-it is rainy/snowy outside and I'm ready for a much needed day at home not to mention how badly I need to org if I'm going to go to Cali which it looks like I will be by a week before classes start Jan 26th at Cuyamaca. A sis from ASL has it laid out where I'll be staying with various families mostly from asl for a two or three weeks at a time. That way everyone gets to know me and noone feels obligated to keep me and I don't have to worry quite as much about rent right at first:)
What else can I say? OH! Yesterday we had an ALL ASL meeting and it was wonderful-this time last year we had no deaf and were kinda of wondering why we were doing all this-yesterday we had five deaf from the territory and two of one of the couple's hearing children! It was super beautiful cause they are all taking grasp of the truth whole heartedly :)
Well, I hope everyone is doin well. I'm going to go try a catch up on reading your posts a little more:) that's the trouble with not having internet for two months-ya get WAY BEHIND!

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Nov. 20th, 2008 04:50 pm Talk About It

So, I am still trying to come out there for six months to get some college classes I can't get here. I have yet to get a bite on someone I can rent a room from. I am willing to pay rent and also be your personal maid for my keep :)
I have been actively searching and sending resumes on craigslist so I can have a job soon after arriving there.
Ask anyone you know! E-mail or call me if you find any interest.

Take Care

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Nov. 10th, 2008 02:41 pm Excerpt: Ok maybe I am begging :)

I have everything well planned and hope to find a family near to the college who would like to rent a room to a pioneer trying to catch some college courses who is very quiet and will be very outta their hair, for a couple hundred that maybe wouldn't kill them to get each of about five months. As soon as I know where I'll be staying I can start applying at places like Barnes and Noble or Borders locations nearby online...with my library experience catching a job like that oughtta be a breeze. I'm not really begging. Just putting the word out! If anyone wants to negotiate or know more just leave a comment and we'll work it out from there :)

Just e-mail me, and if not you, ask around please! volvocaruso@hotmail.com

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Nov. 6th, 2008 04:11 pm OY with the rabbits already!

Hehe, in case any of you don't know, I'm really really not a fan of rabbits. In fact they've become by inside joke synonymous with all that is bad in the world!
So hurl rabbits at me cause I've been a horrible LJer lately! I miss you guys so much and am totally behind-my excuse:I've been house-sitting for two months at a place without internet! But you all know that's not a great excuse so throw rotten rabbits at me!
What's happening with me? What's new? LOTS!
For one as dobalina has already mentioned we have accepted the challenge of www.nanowrimo.com to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I've been striving to write 2000 words per day which means that I'm getting into the meat of my story now and gotta decide where I want it to go:) Yeah, I planned ahead real well, NOT! But I'm still pretty happy with what's been put down so far and my setting, a lighthouse-is where I want to spend the month:)
More importantly life is moving fast and as you all know I'm deeply involved in ASL. I'm planning to use it as a secular possibility as well but I've run into a big wall. In the little rural place I live the community college does not offer the last couple advanced sign classes I need for a good resume and ability to pass certification tests. In convo with Kayla and internet research I've found that Cuyamaca offers these needed classes and more! In theory I had planned to rent a room from Kayla's family when I decided I could come out and do that, but now, that I see I have the ability to come out for the spring semester K's family has decided that it is not good timing for them. I have everything well planned and hope to find a family near to the college who would like to rent a room to a pioneer trying to catch some college courses who is very quiet and will be very outta their hair, for a couple hundred that maybe wouldn't kill them to get each of about five months. As soon as I know where I'll be staying I can start applying at places like Barnes and Noble or Borders locations nearby online...with my library experience catching a job like that oughtta be a breeze. I'm not really begging. Just putting the word out! If anyone wants to negotiate or know more just leave a comment and we'll work it out from there :)

Love you all! Sorry I've been incognito...I just rarely have a moment to type and have the internet at the same time:)

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Oct. 8th, 2008 04:49 pm Autumn

Hey everyone!
So a little over a week ago I got back from the seventh annual Austin City Limits Music Festival! It was lots and lots of fun! Went with three other gals (not on LJ) who have all different tastes in music! Great for a festival with so much variety!!!! SO who did I see?

First who I saw a lot of:
Asleep at the Wheel-very fun
Vampire Weekend!-super super super fun! GREAT! CUTE! LOL!
Jenny Lewis-fun
The Fratellis-the cd is better. very disappointing live
John Fogerty!-so fun! Very energetic! Mostly CCR songs!
Robert Plant&Alison Krauss-beautiful! Wonderful! Amazing!
Gillian Welch-very nice
Xavier Rudd-truly unique aussie
The Raconteurs-GREAT! Jack White wasn't feeling well and he still rocked!
Foo Fighters-GOOD! Last show for ten years I hear...

Now what I saw bits and pieces of:
What Made Milwaukee Famous-Jakob Dylan-Patty Griffin-Mates of State-Ryan Bingham-Mars Volta-Manu Chao-Stars-Shooter Jennings-Tegan&Sara-David Byrne

So that was an experience I'll tell anytime I feel nerdy! I will remind myself that I was cool ONCE! HAHA! and yes, of the four girls who masterminded this trip!? WHO thought of it? ME! LOL!
So now I'm back but I'm house-sitting for a month at a place with no internet. Should be fun! No seriously I'm looking forward to the solitude for some needed personal study and quiet time. It has occured to me that recently between constant texting, ipod, internet, movies, family, friends I have no zero-input moments. Those moments that our brains need to put everything in the right files. So off I go to REBOOT! LOL

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